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StaggerNight's News

Posted by StaggerNight - December 19th, 2023

2023 RECAP


This year has been a busy handful, and not in a bad way by any means. 2022 had some of my worst of lows and alright highs ; but at least for me, lows tend to bounce me back better and I learned more about myself than I ever had in my whole life. By the start of this year, I was just about done wrapping most of that for good with a tad scary but a very exciting step in my life on the horizon. Despite some of 2022 just straight up sucking, i'm extremely glad how I came out of it. This recap is a lot of ramblings on my life as a whole. Apologies for my poor writing skills. Lets start with some art stats tho.

I haven't made much in terms of viewable art this year. Especially compared to last year. Using Newgrounds as a simple metric I made only 2 cartoons this year as for last year I made around 7 ish. And about 3 times more submissions to the art portal last year as well. There are some great reasons for that and some lame reasons but nothing too crazy. Its also worth noting I did lots of COMMS this year and I dont share those really. I have improved tho quite a bit and i'm proud of what I did make. Here are some of my favorites.

To start with my biggest change this year, I moved states again! Not as far as my last move, that being about 24 hours of driving. This one was only 6 hours and I had some help from my partner and a cool friend of theirs ( Thank you Full name Chad Ginger Will ). Ive been living at my new place on my own for about 6 months now and its been pretty good. The area is admittedly kinda ass and the building has issues with bugs but its cheap and ive made it plenty comfy for myself. I don't see myself staying in this building for no longer than my year lease expects me to but it'll get the job done for now. Ive had some GARBAGE this year that I just want put out into the the blog void. But after that I got some COOL SHIT to mention.


I had a really awful barista job for about a month and I just quit one day, that was a VERY cathartic day. TLDR on that is the building was a health hazard, extremely gross, stinky, bad boss, bad co-workers. That job was making me just straight up sick just by being there.iu_1131745_5800370.webp


My internet didn't get setup for an actual 2 months of time due to ISP incompetence, but eventually fixed it by just switching to a 5G home plan with verizon, that took 1 evening to set up. Extremely recommend that service btw if you have access to it. Its been extremely reliable. #notanad

Ive been struggling with wrist and hand pain due to me not having a good desk setup. Which btw! I finally bit the bullet and got an expensive but good chair TODAY. I can already tell its making a big difference, money worth spent I think. 

Honestly my motivation just hasn't been the best recently and a lot of that I think is just due to mental exhaustion from all the other stuff. But those are my LAME reasons for lacking G. But ive had some awesome reasons too. 


I've been working on music! I started messing with FL Studios a ton for @droid 's JAMuary in 2022. The stuff I made for that is just BAD on many many levels but it really sparked something for me. Since then ive been quietly crafting away at making some actual more *professional* sounding songs. I haven't really showed any of it at all except to a couple friends. Id love to ramble about that more but I know i'll REALLY ramble about it on the actual album drop hopefully soon, the actual songs have been done for a long time and the only reason I havent dropped it is cause ive been working on a short music video for it. Admittedly im just doing a horrible job at actually sitting down and working on it. Ive been really nervous about the songs as I personally dont think they are very good especially as more time moves on but im still excited to show my yield. Between my odd taste in songs and my not so great singing voice, I at least hope it makes for an interesting but fun listen. As for music ive made recently. I did post an instrumental here not too long ago and I think this one sounds really nice. Have a listen as you read!

Im no longer in a long distance relationship! A big reason for the move was to be closer to my partner and its been great. Spending time with them has been a huge chunk of this year and I love it. I Wont lie it has made me slower to work on things just due to the fact im not at the computer as often. But I love them very much and its been very worth it to me. I don't live with them just yet but once I do, im 100% sure im gonna be doing much much more again and its the thing I look forward to accomplish the most in 2024 ~


I visited family for thanksgiving! And I got to bring my partner with me which made it a very grand visit. Normally I just kinda space out in the corner whilst my family rambles but this time around I had a great time showing my partner some cool shit from Oregon. A very cool time with that. Heres a cool ass photo from the trip. My dad is on the right saying hello to one of his goats. My sis is on the 4Wheeler on the left.


This one is actually very recent, but im in school again! So far its been nice, as for my major, I have no real idea what im going for at the moment, mostly just doing some base eds. Im taking advantage of some time sensitive grants essentially that I would be SUPER stupid not to use. I also just think school is really cool! And I hope to make some friends here in town. 


This one is cringe cool ok but theres a bit more to it than that. I made a big cardboard box Pluma helm for Halloween this year! This crosses over into definitely gay ass furry territory but it was cool to finally participate in Halloween for once. Ive always disliked Halloween as I have a phobia of people in costumes and that includes myself being in one as well. I always thought the craft of costume making was cool but I still have trouble enjoying it on its own, but that fear I have has gotten much better. The Pluma costume was also in the works last year and I just never got around to it. So it was nice to get a project off my list.


Ive gotten much more into fashion and clothes. I used to look homeless and grey all the time but in 2022 and I got rid of my whole ass wardrobe and started from scratch. Now in 2023 ive learned how to hem and sow, taking cool thrift store cloths that frankly just dont fit me usually and making it work! I dress very feminine now especially compared to my old nothing style of just hoodies and cargo shorts ; currently I really like the woman business casual look. Might seem like a weird thing to add to this recap but I find clothing to be a new big part of my life and ive never really mentioned it online at least. And its easy to see the correlation to how I dress my characters and myself. And I think thats neat! Also check out the big gator, I named him Galuf.


As for what I want out of the next year, other than just a good year. I really wanna try putting out some real shit. SPARES cartoons. Maybe a video essay. Music for sure, some stickers or shirts merch. And Finally learn game programming and get to those bloody Merchants I think about way too much! And finally move into a home with my loved one. Obvsouly thats a shit ton of work but id call even just 2 of those a huge win. OH AND STREAM MORE GOD I KEEP FORGETTING.


2023 has tested what I have learned and it hasnt pulled its punches and Ive been having a blast. This year has been awesome and im not done rising. Im very excited for next year, being excited for me always comes with a grain of anxiety and though annoying, I think its great for showing growth and contrast. Before I close this off im gonna be a faggot and say some cool stuff to my friends and send that shit into the void. The order is random.

Justin - you TALENTED FUCK. Thanks for the samples you've given me for my now old songs lol. We gotta game sometime.

Day - Youve seem to just have a cool year in general from what youve shared and i hope you continue to get that shit. AMEN BROTHER

Kaia - much has been said already but I cant wait to work on more projects with you, both here and in life. 

Konner - Thanks for having me throughout my time living with you. I had a great time and lots of fond memories with you. I hope you are doing good with the new place.

Daemon - keep at it soldier, you got cool shit in your horizon. 

Octo - This guy is funny. I loved seeing your cool doodles pop up every once in awhile. Very cool stuff. 

Joe - Im ecstatic to see youre still running your cool as fuck business. As well as that gut.

Tiltro - You are crazy cool and ill be around to see what you make next always. I hope all is grand and enjoy that Guinness.

Spork - You are the coolest of strange. And thats cool.

Ork - Funny man, and I always love to see the stupid drawings you send me.

June - I hope one day I actually Kaioken you a beer. You have had a rough year and im glad to have helped you through it.

Kiki - Im really proud of the progress youve made this year and I mean it. Love you sis.

Ethan n Shell - You are real ones, thanks for all your help and the shitty games of league. 

Jarod - I hope Germany has been treating you well, I miss you bud.

Tyro - Never stop sending me those DUMB memes everyday. But also you have some really artistic talent and await to see what you do.

Ryan - We didnt chat too much this year but know you are always welcome to show. Hope the states have been fun!

Goe n Deaf - I chat with you like twice a year it seems but know I think you cool.

Philly - my boy philly my man, you just cool idk. 

Jig Forest - Theres lots of yuh and id just like to say yall have been really chill and a nice place to share.

Wanda - know that you are a real one. God bless.

Snackers - Weve BARELY interacted but I gotta say your work is truly awesome and cant wait to see more of it.

Will - I hope to see more of you around bud. 

SyrupMasters - You appear randomly with gifts and disappear again and I respect it.

Jack Man - Havent talked in a while! And it was really cool to get a Birthday msg from you. Stay cool.

Big Tony - You keep going dude, you have awesome drive and I cant say that bout many.

Fern - Im sorry for rightfully shitting on Dallas all the time, but seriously I hope its going good.

Gary - You are my fave Book.

Seth - Thanks for the flour and good character.

Nine - I cant say enough how CRAZY your work ethic is. You should be really proud. You also just really chill.

Maf - Yo style slaps! Cant say that enough.

Ronny - We gotta chat sometime, your chill in RPA made that era. 

Logan - I always enjoy our occasional catch ups. Those types of convos mean a lot to me.

Shal - I still dont want you to scare me but please do keep asking.

EPIC STATION - This one just goes to all you guys, yall are fucking cool and im so happy to meet yall. Many of you guys have inspired me to do a lot of things and dont even know it.

Mel - We gotta catch up again but I always love talkin to you, even if its just for a blip in a year.

Marvin - My fave fake employee , for real tho you are a REAL one.

And finally thank you THE Tom Fulp. Full Stop.




Posted by StaggerNight - December 7th, 2021


Doing a test on prices. Couple slots open!

It says it all. Thanks guys!


Posted by StaggerNight - November 21st, 2021

Thanks for the birthday messages and gifts. They Rock. im 21



Posted by StaggerNight - November 2nd, 2021

Headshot 400x400 art.


15 USD Baby. message if you want.

Only up for a lil bit. Post will be gone later.

Twit DM




Posted by StaggerNight - October 16th, 2021

Im fuckin ballin dude



Posted by StaggerNight - August 15th, 2021


"then you can stay"


Posted by StaggerNight - July 1st, 2021


Image speaks for itself

DM on any of my socials




Posted by StaggerNight - May 31st, 2021

The 3 characters Emma , Stag and Root I draw can now be played in Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart.

I finished up the characters and tweaked a couple sprites, they are all voiced and have independent stats.

You can get them here, they are just addons for the game. just download and plugem in.

And thanks to @Oddlem for the voices for Emma.

Original Post


One last thing. I always tag drawings of my characters here with "spares". I cleaned it up a bit and just kept drawings I dont totally hate. Didnt delete any tho. they are staying as a reminder of progress.

BUT ALSO. Each of the Spares group now have their own tag as well for organization sake.

Just add an "s" to the front of any of the names and there you go.

Like so.









Any fan works from other artists can use these tags too!

this also keeps track of who I havent drawn as much. poor Bruce and Khalil. I gotta get to them more.



Posted by StaggerNight - May 1st, 2021



big thanks, was at 998 fans before the Castle Crashers post and here we are.

got a couple things coming today